THC&#8211;0 (Hybrid)<br>Gushers

THC–0 (Hybrid)

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GUSHERS, because who doesn’t love gushers?! It is also known as "White Gushers," which is a member of the Cookies family. Gushers’ parents are Triangle Kush (indica) and Gelato (hybrid). Gushers is known for it’s potent, euphoric effect.

Sometimes at first energizing, then sedating, this strain is not only associated with the fuzzy euphoric tingles, but also its thick and juicy fruit flavor (hence the name Gushers). Whether you’re stuck in the north, or close to the beach like us, we all get a taste of the tropics with this flavor packed terpene. Sounds berry good to us.

Once again, these are not claims, but rather anecdotal human experiences