Delta 8 (Indica)<br>Zkittles

Delta 8 (Indica)

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It is literally all rainbows and butterflies with Zkittles, a goofy gobbler that giggles grape, grapefruit, and berry. Before this indica sends you into a deep relaxing body euphoria, this bad boy may trigger the munchies (maybe it’s just because of its name…or maybe not).

Oozing with fruity, candy flavors that could send your taste buds to heaven and back, Zkittlez is a favorite strain worldwide for a reason.  This terp has literally won awards, and not just 2nd or 3rd place. That's right, 1st place baby! (At the Emerald Cup in 2016, for those of you who were dying to know)

Once again, these are not claims, but rather anecdotal human experiences.