Delta 8 (Hybrid)<br>Gelato

Delta 8 (Hybrid)

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If you know anything about any strain, you know about the legendary Gelato strain. There are pages all over the internet dedicated to this strain alone. Gelato, or maybe you know it as Larry Bird, is really one of the most aesthetically pleasing flowers to look at.

Deep dark purple in color and covered in crystals, this strain is not only gorgeous but also famed for its overwhelmingly potent, euphoric and arousing sensations experienced by its lovers.

With a sweet flavor profile with hints of cooling mint and warm vanilla, it will be sure to titillate your taste buds. Although a hybrid, it is an indica (in-da-couch, as we like to remember it) dominant strain- about 55% indica and 45% sativa. 

Once again, these are not claims, but rather anecdotal human experiences