Delta 8 Reviews

D8-Hi Reviews

Once you’ve purchased, you’re family.

Our products have discovered a loyal following, and we invite you to find out why! Join us on our journey as we dive deep into the experiences of customers who are part of the family. Get ready to explore what makes our products so unique.

Elisa Robinsorth

From the unbeatable prices to the diverse selection, D8-Hi is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Take advantage of their amazing tasting products, as I recommend their amazing edible cookies!

Eric Longs

I’ve ordered from D8 several times and have been so happy with every purchase. I love the vast selection of delta 8 products. And by far the strongest delta 8 gummies I’ve tried.

Jimmy Dee

Holy SH%T these products knocked me on my A$$. I loved the chocolate cookies, and the watermelon gummy's. Wow, just a must try!

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