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About D8-HI

The leader in nutraceutical Delta 8 products

As the forefront leader in the realm of nutraceutical Delta 8 offerings, D8-Hi is dedicated to providing an unparalleled experience to its discerning customers. Every product we curate is derived from top-tier, premium grade hemp, ensuring a purity and potency that stands unmatched in the industry. Beyond just the therapeutic benefits, our range promises a sensory delight, tantalizing your taste buds with every use. Dive into the world of D8-Hi, where quality meets innovation, and discover the true essence of premium Delta 8.

Delta 8 Lab Tested
Organic Delta 8
THC Made in the USA
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  • 25,000 square foot corporate headquarters in Pompano Beach, FL includes offices, research lab, manufacturing facility, and warehouse / fulfillment
  • Distributes products to over 12,000 major distributors and wholesalers in North and Central America
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We design and bring to market innovative products with the most talented R&D team in the industry.
  • First and only existing cGMP nutraceutical baking manufacturer of state and federal compliant baked hemp and non-hemp nutraceutical products.
  • Highly experienced executive team with previous successful exit accomplishment, capable of closely monitoring state and municipal regulatory initiatives with the ability to quickly pivot in manufacturing requirements to accommodate constant evolving regulatory landscape.
  • First and only existing manufacturer to scale ultra-high level baked THC products in over-the-counter CBD/hemp market with national footprint
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Delta 8 Reviews

Delta 8 Reviews

Once you’ve purchased, you’re family.

Discover why our Delta 8 products have gained such devoted customers! Unearth stories from those who've become a part of the family and explore what makes these items truly unique.

Robby Cruceta

I've never been so high in my life until I ate a bag of those cookies!

Brandon Huffman

They have recently added in depth lab testing on all the carts which a lot of brands don't have. I personally think they taste good and they aren't super harsh. Definitely my go to brand now that they have in depth lab testing.

Jedrick Mojica

Great flavor and no leaking on the carts, the cookies are out of this world strong (in a good way).